Shuo Huang

Shuo Huang is an intrepid visual storyteller supplying imagery, stories and undertaking commissions for a wide range of business clients. Shuo is currently based in London, UK, from where he travels extensively. 

His diverse portfolio includes images from over sixty countries throughout the world ranging from the mountainous Andes in South America to the enigmatic Far East. Specialising in landscape photography, he has photographed six of the seven continents.

Shuo has undertaken commissions as far as Fiji to Ethiopia and his award-winning images have been featured in Wex Photographic, World Archaeology, Those Who Wander and 


"Pangaea means entire earth. This is my idea of travel. Step into it, see what I see and live vicariously for that moment and indulge in the solitude. With our small window of time on our earth, we have the privilege of discovering her natural beauty and overwhelming wonders created by our ancestors."