Night Buses are Your Friend

As a traveller it’s important to take advantage of night buses. Not only do they get you from A to B but they also save a nights accommodation expense. I´ve even had better nights sleep on a night bus than I´ve had on a bed! It’s the rhythmic whirring sound of the coach engine, the vibration of the road resonating through the seat massaging my back as well as the rocking motion as the coach negotiates the corners!

So here´s a few survival tips for night bus travellers:

  1. Always wear long sleeves, trousers and trainers no matter the climate outside the bus, the driver will always have the AC on full power.
  2. A travel pillow will always make the ride more comfortable if the seat doesn’t recline as much as was first claimed!
  3. Bring an eye mask as some drivers turn on the lights at irrational times or when other passengers disembark in the middle of the nowhere.
  4. Sit at the front for spectacular sunsets and more bag space so you can stretch out those tired legs. (invariably your 25L+ daypack will not fit in the overhead compartment)
  5. Don´t fall asleep straight away as it messes up your sleep pattern. If it´s an afternoon bus, break up the evening with a bit of music, a book or self reflection prior to going to sleep!
  6. Pack ear plugs for the inevitable crying baby or the incessant nattering wife or both if your unlucky!
  7. Most importantly of all, try and force out that number 2 before you board!